Safety is one of Canil's prime concerns and something which its clients can always rely on. All Canil group tankers are approved for the transport of hazardous chemical products - ADR classes 3 - 4.1 - 5.1 - 6.1 - 8 - 9 and non-ADR, made of 316 stainless steel, with exclusion of minimum degree of filling, high insulation coefficient and independent heating systems.
The company is able to successfully manage both the systematic and programmed transport of large volumes, and spot deliveries, thanks to the different technical specifications of the tanks.


capacity 37,000 litres, three compartments, tank code L4BH, equipped with electric heating system (up to 180°).


capacity from 50,000 litres to 52,500 litres, tank code L4BH, three compartments, with central one dedicated to the specific transport of isocyanate products  according to ISOPA guidelines, equipped with electric generator for maintaining product temperature during transport and equipped with thermometers for monitoring the temperature itself.


capacity from 30,000 litres to 33,000 litres, tank code L2.65BN, specific for high capacity loads, possibility of heating product using steam coils.


capacity from 30,000 litres to 37,000 litres, tank code L10CH specific for transporting high-risk ADR products.