International transport of liquid chemical products under full security.

We surpass your expectations

Utmost organizing efficiency Speedy and punctual product pickup and delivery. Real-time situation control using satellite system. Maximum security. These are the primary duties of the Traffic Office, the beating heart of the Canil organisation run by skilled and expert personnel, dynamic and competent, fast and determined when it comes to tackling and solving problems that can be encountered during transport. Acknowledged industry leader thanks to its adequate equipment, excellent organisation, professionalism and reliability: values founded on a constant dedication to ongoing improvement and a systematic quest for customer satisfaction.


Satellite monitoring and communication system
The driver is always in direct and immediate contact with the Traffic Office.

To optimise schedules and routes, all vehicles are directed and coordinated by a single Traffic Office inside company headquarters.

Prompt intervention, trained to manage emergency situations, expertise: these are the characteristics and strong points of the emergency team, made up of in-house Canil personnel, able to manage, with maximum organising efficiency, critical situations such as vehicle breakdowns, incidents and accidents, product trans-shipments and overflows in total safety and in an environment-friendly way, always providing local Authorities with utmost cooperation.