International transport of liquid chemical products under full security.

Quality, Health, Safety, Safeguarding the Environment, Security, Privacy and Ethical Code

The company is committed to:

  • Maintaining high quality standards as regards services in a spirit of ongoing improvement;
  • Catering in the best possible way for customer demands;
  • Maintaining its vehicles clean, in perfect working order and in the forefront as regards cutting-edge technology;
  • Monitoring all variables that could interfere with smooth transport operations using appropriate indicators;
  • Continuing to spread and share the culture of Quality in the company, with consequent upgrading of professional standards and quality of life;
  • Protecting the Health and the Safety of its employees, third parties in contact with the company and the public;
  • Protecting the Health and the Safety of its employees, third parties in contact with the company and the public by forbidding the use of drugs or alcohol during work hours;
  • Respecting and defending the environment;
  • Abiding by legal provisions relating to heath, safety and the protection of the environment and operating actively in this sense inside and outside the company;
  • Maintaining a Prevention and Protection System purposely designed to prevent accidents, professional illnesses and pollution,promptly maintaining and updating the emergency and fire-prevention teams;
  • Soliciting and making sure that applicable regulations are abided by with respect to transport (ADR, Highway Code and Laws on driving and rest Times etc…) and safety;
  • Promoting Safety by implementing BBS principles for the safe driving of road transport vehicles and loading and unloading operations;
  • Informing, training and checking notions acquired by employees with suitable updates;
  • Providing the equipment suitable and necessary for preventing accidents, etc.…;
  • Cooperating with the authorities in emergency situations;
  • Maintaining a "healthy work environment", promoting a calm and serene atmosphere, keyed to real and constructive cooperation, team work, mutual respect and the defence of a good mental-physical balance in the company;
  • Informing, training and arousing awareness among employees of the provisions concerning Security, as provided by the ADR;
  • Maintaining, defending and promoting the principles of Privacy (Law Decree 196/03) with the involvement of all the personnel;
  • Protecting and preserving the company premises and everything inside it by means of a video-surveillance system. With a night watchman and access only allowed to authorised personnel;
  • Protecting and preserving the vehicle fleet through the use of satellite systems, congruous insurance policies and precise instructions to drivers;
  • Protecting and preserving the integrity of the transported products;
  • Making sure the measures adopted are complied with by employees, third parties in the company and, whenever possible, by third parties in contact with the company.
  • Confirming and establishing, through the adoption of the Ethical Code, the principles of
    honesty, integrity and transparency of behaviour and in the conduct of relationships, both within the company and toward third parties;
  • Promoting legality and integrity within the company, which are regarded as necessary prerequisites to carry out its business;

The Management believes that the active contribution of all collaborators is crucial for achieving common goals.

Rev.4 del 31.01.2015 The Management


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