International transport of liquid chemical products under full security.


Ever since the Eighties, to build up its future Canil has focused on links with the east-European countries; in 2010, the company celebrated its thirtieth anniversary. Our thoughts cannot but go to Virginio Canil, the man who, in 1980, first began travelling the roads to eastern Europe with his truck, in an effort to penetrate the international market; in thirty years of activity, thanks to his determination and business intuition, the company has enjoyed constant growth, which has made it a front runner at European level and an industry leader. The company has always been involved in the national and international transport of liquid chemical products, both by road and intermodal, mainly to east-European countries and as far as the former Soviet Union.
Thanks to the special business merits acquired, in 1989 Canil was awarded the " Premio Treviso che Lavora" (Treviso Work Award), considered not as a goal but as a starting point for the development of a competitive mentality aimed at offering service excellence. Three years later, Canil became the second company in the transport industry and the 26th at national level in all sectors to obtain quality certification according to the Uni En 29002 standard.
In 1995, while the east European countries were taking their first steps towards democracy, when road infrastructures were still very poor, two fully-owned companies were set up - F.lli Canil sro of Bratislava, capital of the present-day Republic of Slovakia, and F.lli Canil sro of Hustopece in the Czech Republic; to many people, Canil's choice had seemed something of a risky wager, but time proved the company right and fifteen years later, Canil boasts the record of having set up a new line of intermodal traffic towards the east-European countries along with a piggy back company.

In 1996, growing focus placed on market demands and on the prime importance of catering for client requests resulted in Canil operating according to the SQAS evaluation system, for the monitoring of all chemical sectors, based on health, safety, quality and environment principles. The determination of Virginio Canil, accompanied by a strong business spirit and the strength to promote and create a well-knit, collaborative and competitive team were decisive elements in the company's being awarded, in 1998, the "TREVISO PREMIO QUALITA'" (TREVISO QUALITY AWARD) and, in 2004, the "PREMIO MIGLIOR IMPRESA FORMATIVA" (BEST TRAINING COMPANY PRIZE). Flexibility in catering for the needs of a fast-evolving market has always pointed to the strength of the Canil group, to the extent that, over the last decade, the company's services have been extended and now include the transport of liquid chemical wastes.
The entire Canil group recalls with immense gratitude and esteem the businessman who passed away on the eve of thirty years of business activity, leaving the "driving seat" to his sons. Canil fleet and the owner Virginio Canil.