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A Leading European Group

Canil SpA is a lead player in the transport industry, in Europe and beyond. The company has its headquarters in Italy, a branch office in the Slovakian Republic and suitably distributed logistics platforms – the strategic hubs of a closely-knit transport, road and intermodal network that facilitates trade between the countries of the different geographic areas. Thanks to over thirty years of experience and to the technical characteristics of the Canil fleet, the group is able to successfully manage both road transport and intermodal transport using railway and sea transport lines distributed throughout all the served areas as links for all the various logistic platforms. It is also able to provide consultancy, with specific logistic solutions. In 2008, a private railway traffic line was set up between Italy and Romania; this was designed by Canil in direct conjunction with a piggyback company. The group is able to cater for all the requirements of numerous different industrial activities.

For Canil, the human factor represents a crucial and precious aspect of its business. Initiatives relating to training and ongoing updating of personnel permit making operators more responsible and elevating levels of professionalism in compliance with legal provisions and procedures on worker safety. Only qualified and trained personnel are charged with transporting hazardous chemical products "ADR" and non-ADR, in possession of ADR certificate and ISOPA card certifying MDI/TDI isocyanate driver training. In line with the policies laid down by the Cefic – the organisation representing the European chemical industry – the company promotes safety by making all its personnel acquainted with BBS "Behaviour Based Safety" principles for the safe driving of transport vehicles and loading and unlo ading operations.